Nobody Hates Star Wars More…

Than Star Wars fans.

Free speech is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? To have the freedom to speak your mind, to voice your opinions without fear of governmental retribution, so long as it is civil and doesn’t allude to any illegal actions. You don’t have to agree with me on every minutia of life. You can hate the movies I love, and even love the politics I resent, but if we are able to talk about our differences, acknowledge them, understand and hone them, there isn’t any reason to hate. I love talking about movies, whether it be the actual content of a film in the form of a written review, or discussing current cinema culture as it happens. The movie industry is an ever changing one, making there no shortage of discussion or argument.

However, and this is where we go into the rabbit hole, as much as I adore and revere the movies, there are some that only have passionate feelings for the films they watch, they are consumed with an ungodly obsession for it. Expectations are a dangerous thing, especially for the cinematic-obsessed. You dream of how a movie will turn out. How it begins, how it progresses the narrative, how it ultimately concludes. The idea that the finished product doesn’t exactly resemble your projected fantasy disgusts you and you resent the thing you love, because you just so happen to not be a creative consultant. It was Daisy Ridley two years prior, Kelly Marie Tran’s departure from social media is as sad as it is infuriating, because, for a golden second, I actually thought that we’ve gotten better. How you feel about a film, or how you feel about one of the film’s actors is one thing, but to through verbal shit towards them that is laced personal, racial, and sexist speech is pathetic and gutless. Back in ’99, Jake Lloyd received a whirlwind of hate for his part as Anakin in The Phantom Menace. How you feel about an actor’s performance should never, ever hold any bearing when discussing the content of the actor’s true character, let alone when talking about an eight-year-old. Lloyd was verbally pulled through the mud throughout his entire adolescence, making an inevitably awkward point in his life even more unbearable. The Star Wars fandom, known for their love and unwavering passion for Star Wars, destroyed the wonderment of a child and drove him into insanity, before he even reached the age of 30.

Hell, even George Lucas gave Star Wars, his own creation, up because of the toxic fandom. To give him the moniker George “Raped My Childhood” Lucas is dastardly and just pitiful for those who let this, or any franchise have such an unhealthy influence on them. It is perfectly fine to dislike something, or disagree with a film’s perceived direction, but wishing death to those attached to the project, just because you don’t like it, shouldn’t be a problem in the first place, but here we are. Leslie Jones caught the brunt of the Ghostbusters reboot backlash with sexist and racial hate, not because of artistic license, or any means of constructive criticism. “Fans” didn’t go after the film or the characters, but routed to the people themselves, the cast and crew who are ultimately doing their job, earning their livelihood .

To take Star Wars or Ghostbusters, or any work of fiction this seriously, while not giving the time of day to issues that matter and immediately impact our world will never cease to astonish me. If you love film, or music, or anything, you’ve got free reign to express your love and passion for it for the whole world to see. Discuss, argue, and even disagree. That’s what makes the world go round. But when all is said and done, respect. In the problem plagued world we live in, he have to pick and choose our battles. Pick the ones that have consequence. Choose the ones that need investment, care and time to be correctly addressed and helped on, instead of wasting your breath over the idea that diversity and equality is killing your sacred space opera.

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