iPhone Case Review: Keyway Designs’ “Cellular”

We’ve all seen it. It might have been your phone or a friend’s, but we’ve all been subject to seeing a caseless iPhone slipping out of one’s hand and landing screen first on the rough, unforgiving pavement. You reach to pick the phone back up, horrified of the damage dealt, and voila: your phone’s now a broken piece of glass.

Phone cases are an absolute necessity in order to truly preserve and protect the device that essentially holds the glossary to your everyday life, unless you’re willing to run the risk of destroying your display. If you’re on the market for an iPhone cases, and also want trusted durability with some style, Keyway Designs‘ cases are an absolute triumph.

*The design in question will be the “Cellular” case, though the shell itself are the same across the board. The design is the main point of variance.*



The “Cellular” design is perhaps the most visually ambitious and intriguing entry in Keyway’s catalogue, sporting a maple wooden, hexagonal pattern reminiscent of a beehive. The inlays feature a beautifully done mix of Wenge, Purpleheart, Padauk and Cherry, as which is said to be every type of wood Keyway uses. For those not well versed on various wood types, the visual aesthetic of the case is downright gorgeous to the untrained eye. The clash of these different wood types work harmoniously with one another, like a sort of controlled chaos in the best way possible. As you look closer, the texture each piece is beautifully detailed, which can easily lead you to study and appreciate each individual piece in all its splendor. Keyway’s website and social media outlets showcase their extensive production process, ranging from lasering each individual piece to succession, to piecing said pieces into every individual case by hand. The painstaking attention to detail featured in Keyway’s products are second to none, and their “Cellular” case epitomizes this.


The Case Itself

TPU/PC Sides of the Cellular Maple Wood iPhone XS Max Case by Keyway Designs

For all its visual splendor, the success of the “Cellular” would be futile if it were unable to protect the phone proper. Fortunately, Keyway provides exceptional protection for your device without sacrificing its aesthetic elegance. As is the case with all of the site’s phone cases, the “Cellular” is surrounded by Flexible Rubber as it wraps around the entire body of the phone, ensuring that, if dropped, any exposed part of the phone would not absorb the impact. The design guarantees to take the brunt of the fall, also covering the side buttons up, practically assuring you those faulty lock/volume buttons are a thing of the past. There are also bumps along the side of the case that give you a much more comfortable time gripping the phone after prolonged use, preventing the familiar slippery smudges that plague the modern-day smartphone.

This is a marked improvement over Keyway’s previous models, as they offered very little protection between the phone and just about any surface stronger than carpet. Now, every case that the site provides are considerably more durable and able to withstand considerable damage, providing as much appeal to the eyes as it does whenever a smartphone takes a long fall.



Keyway Designs have delivered on every single order that I have made with them, ranging from their bread and butter of phone cases, to experimenting with wooden cardholders. Each and every one of their products have been made with the utmost class and satisfaction. Their “Cellular” model is easily their most ambitious design, providing a showcase of their knack for stellar artistry. It also does a fantastic job protecting your smartphone from the tragically occasional drops and tumbles, without being overtly bulky. This is the pinnacle of wooden phone cases, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Rating: 5/5

*Pictures provided by keywaydesigns.com*